CLINICAL DIETITIAN AND NUTRITION CONSULTANT

Food Services and Restaurants

Eating out with a food intolerance or food allergy can create severe anxiety for individuals.  Some food service establishments are becoming well aware of this and are changing their menu items, ingredients and kitchen layout to accommodate specialised dietary requests, ensuring cross contamination is eliminated.

Australia has one of the highest rates of food allergy with 1 in 10 infants, 1in 20 children and 2 in 100 adults reporting to have a food allergy.  It is estimated that over 50% of allergic reactions occur when eating in a food service establishment.

Food services or anyone providing meals, be they a food handler or non-food handler need to be proficient and aware of the potential allergens and food chemicals that can have adverse effects on sensitive individuals.

Gluten Free Accreditation 

Guidance in setting up a gluten free kitchen and assistance in audit preparation for the Gluten Free Accreditation Program with Coeliac Australia.

Menu Planning & Ingredients

  • Menu planning and ingredients
  • Allergen Management
  • Nutrition Information calculation

Allergen Training

Onsite staff training in allergen management